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Detox Centers in Charleston assist clients take the first step toward recovery from drug or alcohol addiction, using secure, supervised clinical facilities and custom designed detox regimens. The process of detoxification, sometimes called detox, aims to take away drugs and harmful substances from the body, but you will need to keep in mind the difference between detox and rehab.  Detox alone isn’t treatment. Detox doesn’t have to be intimidating if done in an orderly, medically supervised environment. Detox treatments range depending on which drug is being abused, and ‘cold turkey’ strategies aren’t suitable for all addictions.  In fact, cold turkey may also be unhealthy in some cases, so Detox Charleston makes use of protected and proven methods that deal with each client as people with different detox needs. For any questions, or to talk with a detox specialist, call Detox Charleston at (843) 321-8828 now!

What to Expect from Detox

Detox Charleston delivers an extremely individualized detox procedure, however there are three basic stages that their clients can look forward to. It is vital to first review every client to be able to analyze which substance, or substances, are being used. Some clients are addicted to more than one drugs – frequently in combination with alcohol – which can considerably change the way in which detox is administered. Then, Detox in Charleston detoxifies the patient’s body, removing damaging toxins and substances. Detox breaks the physical addiction to drugs, however it doesn’t rehabilitate the client, so Detox Charleston urges their clients to go into a customized rehabilitation treatment program to be able to support a long-lasting recovery.

Why Treatment Is Important

Many people who suffer from drug and alcohol addictions can also be afflicted by co-occurring disorders. Detox is much more effective if followed by a rehabilitation program because treatment prepares addicts to fight their dependency in everyday life situations, and offers them the tools recognize and keep away from triggers to drug and alcohol abuse. Relapse occurs most regularly when detox is used alone, and when addicts find themselves in the similar situations and places where their drug and alcohol use was once heaviest. In a new atmosphere, removed from the people and locations that the drug user associates drug and alcohol use with, it is easier to steer clear of the triggers of addictive behavior.


After the initial detox procedure, Detox Charleston urges continuation into one of their 28-day, 60-day, or 90-day treatment programs. Detox is strengthened in rehab, where addicts participate in group and individual counseling, the 12-step community, and engaging diversions and physical activity. All through rehab, clients live in stunning, luxurious lodging that combine all the benefits of inpatient living amenities with the affordability of outpatient facilities. Clients keep busy with programs designed to assist them succeed in their objectives, while remaining at ease, as a way to reduce the stress that, previously, ended in abuse of drugs or alcohol.

Take the First Step Today!

Detox is more efficient as first step when followed by drug or alcohol rehabilitation treatment programs. Other facilities focus on detox, but Detox Charleston provides support past this first step, so their clients can maintain a sober lifestyle past detox. Detox may promote physical well-being, but it doesn’t cope with any underlying mental triggers for drug and alcohol abuse. Without rehab, there is a much higher risk of relapse.  Detox Charleston, South Carolina believes in giving their clients the techniques to battle dependency, and wants them to stay clean and sober for the rest of their life. Take the first step towards sober living, and contact (843) 321-8828 to speak with a knowledgeable and compassionate professional regarding detox options.